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Moni pearson. "la doodlebug".

Moni pearson. "la doodlebug".

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The Pandemic of 2020 was a rough period of time for so many of us. Personally it rocked me to my core and showed me what I was made of.  For the past 8 years I've been on an active healing journey (honestly I was on the journey before I realized it) and have connected (and worked) with therapists, psychiatrists, practitioners, life coaches, and fellow journalists/writers that have contributed to my views of our existence, some of our "whys" and most importantly addressing our human need to express, connect, be loved and supported.

I provide support with:
Referrals and Networking
Life Coaching (motivation, accountability, access/communication)

I provide an 8 and 12 - week support model for life coaching
(details of
curriculum/credentials/pricing given upon request)


Shallow Human - La Doodlebug(2).jpg

"Shallow Humans" single, Available on all platforms 10.01.22

La Doodlebug and The Prince of Engineers at Einnor Studios in ATL
La Doodlebug in ATL studio
La Doodlebug in ATL studio

Available on all platforms 10.01.22

Shallow Humans single promo art

"Shallow Humans", a truthful love letter that reaches
the soul of hip hop with intimate guitar solos,
expert level lyricism, echoing the spirit of inner growth, unity,
and a deeper understanding of the world.

Come visit la doodlebug's closet.  tell a friend.
adding pieces weekly.

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