Moni pearson. "la doodlebug".

Moni pearson. "la doodlebug".

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I've always had issues going between my practical, facts-based mind and my creative, emotional and colorful endless possibilities mind. I began with this because after so many years, I've finally pulled it together.

I can't say I'm ONE THING. I can't even say I mastered the thing I've always been known for. Siiiiiiiike, I'm an amazing journalist even though that wasn't my job at NPR.  

I love to connect with people and learn their stories, or lessons, or personalities. I'm also grateful for the ability to practice in the production process where I'm able to take sound and transform it into an experience for the listener. 

My goal at this era of my life is to open my creative floodgates. I almost drowned in the pursuit of practicality (I failed at that terribly btw). 

After almost 5 years as a podcast personality, I step into the next phase of my journey. I hope to see you there.

Sincere Love Always,

M. Pearson (Doodles)

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